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and that a better day will dawn over egypt. and throughout the world. >> laura: thanks for watching tonight, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops right here because we are always here because we are always looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: pore violence erupts in he -- more violence erupts in egypt. juan williams gift us his reaction. things got very tense last night when i went head-to-head with a controversial muslim cleric. did you or did you not say people who commit adultery should be stoned to death? find out what this guy really stands for.
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>> we'll explain what the obama administration did this time and how robert gibbs is trying to spin it. >> why some activists want to force ronald mcdonald into an early retirement. hannity starts right now. today marks the ninth day of the seemingly unstoppable protests on the seats of egypt. chaos and violence intensified with pro and anti-government forces throwing molotov cocktails and rocks and beating each other with iron bars. all the while president mubarak was reaffirmed his refusal to give into the demands by stepping down. fox news correspondent greg palkot and his photographer were detained and severely beaten yesterday by pro government forces. they sustained griff injuries and spent the night in the hospital. thankfully, we know they are safe and sound at this moment. this incident is part of a
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wave of violence against journalists. today cbs news chief foreign correspondent laura logan and her crew were detained in cairo and four of their employees were carjacked and threatened with beheading. yesterday cnn's anderson cooper was repeatedly punched in the head. four israeli journalists were arrested. state department spokesman crowley addressed the attacks earlier today. >> we support freedom of the press. that has been our message to the government of egypt and any attempts that interfering with this fundamental right and freedom, is of great concern to us. >> sean: the fears of an extremist take over in egypt remain not only here, but also in israel. egypt's muslim brotherhood is saying if it rises to power it will trash the peace treat that i egypt struck with israel in 1979.
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then egyptian president sadat signed the treaty making egypt the first faith in the mideast to recognize the state of israel. all of that is in jeopardy in egypt and elsewhere in the re . protests in jordan, another key american ally have lead to dramatic changes there. king abdullah gave into protesters demand this week and fired his cabinet. more concerning his the meeting with of the muslim brotherhood. jordan the only other nation to establish peace with israel. can one only assume if the muslim brotherhood gains there that once peaceful relationship will no longer exist. joining me with reaction fox news political analyst, juan williams is back. welcome back. >> good to see you sean. >> sean: first of all i'm glad our colleague and friend greg palkot is okay. apparently this attack that is
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going on against a lot of journalists we see all the violence in the street. a lot of this is aimed at journalists. why do you think that is? >> one of the theories out of washington tonight. tonight there's concern things are escalating to the point in egypt where the demonstrators, the people who oppose mubarak insisting he get out of office today. that means they are more likely to be more violent, more insistent that he step down immediately. there's concern around here from the state department, the white house, if things escalate to that point there will be chaos. what we have heard from mubarak today in an interview he said if he leaves today there's going to be say . there's chaos now. it looks like he's hooking for a reason to justify staying in office. to directly respond to your question sean, part of the thinking in the u.s. government the guy who is appointed as the new vice president, omar suleiman,
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he was head of intelligence for egypt. many suspect he's behind the pro mubarak demonstrators and putting them on the streets, trying to create the image that somehow it is not all anti-mubarak, that people don't want him to get out. part of their effort is to crackdown on the american and international press. because they don't want the power of the anti-mubarak forces to be evidence to the world. >> sean: i'm not connecting the two. i do think that a lot of the media coverage has missed an important point. juan, unfortunately, my belief is that no matter how this turns out, our relationship with egypt will never be as good as it was prior to all of this, as imperfect as it was. the "washington post", you once work there, their headline united states examining their relationship with muslim brotherhood opposition group. explain to me why we would reexamine our relationship with a group that supports
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sharia law and jihad and was responsible for the assassination of two egyptian presidents? what do we have to reexamine and why has there been an unwillingness by the administration to take on the muslim brotherhood and identify them, rightly so as the terrorist organization they are? >> because if there is going to be a free and fair election, americans we believe in a democratic process. what happens when the people on the ground put something like the muslim brotherhood into power? to me, it is stunningly crazy, because to me they are a terrorist organization. >> sean: this is my point. the white house is reexamining their relationship. >> because if they are in power sean, what are you going to do? can we do business with you? >> sean: you want to do business with hamas and hezbollah and the muslim brotherhood? are we going to do business with al-qaeda next? the muslim brotherhood is a terrorist organization.
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they want to destroy israel. they want instability in the mideast. ultimately, they want to impose sharia law on the world. are they enemies of the u.s.? i contend they are. >> i don't think we disagree on that. if they actually come to power, we are going to have to deal with them. we are go to say these are our interests we do not want threats to israel. we do not want you supporting terrorism and use egyptian money to support hezbollah or hamas. >> sean: we can be that naive. if their goal is rhea, if they support jihad, going to enable terrorists they are our enemies. at that point, reexamining a relationship with terrorists sounds like neville berlin believing he could have peace -- neville chamberlain believing he could have peace in world war ii. >> you say listen, can we do business? do we do business china?
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they are communists, yes. did president obama just sit down at the white house with the president of china, and though president hu is holding that young woman as a prisoner the last nobel peace prize winner? . >> sean: for those who have been critical of the united states relationship, financial support of mubarak as imperfect as he was, he still kept the peace with israel and the an tkprepl for 30 years. the -- and the agreement for 30 years. the muslim brotherhood this week said they want to prepare for war with israel. >> yeah, well that's what i'm saying. if that's the case we canada any business with them. >> sean: the white house says reexamine that's my point. >> i thought your point was why would we be reviewing our relationship? my point was to see if there is something we can work with.
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if there is any way we can have a constructive relationship with people who would appear to have conflicting views to our own. >> sean: how can we have a constructive relationship with somebody who wants worldwide sharia and before they take power are saying prepare for with israel? >> we do business with china -- cold war with the soviet union. >> sean: juan we agree to disagree on this point. thanks for being with us. busy news night. michelle malkin will be here. brent bozell and much more. >> first the interview that everyone has been talking about. complete analysis of last night's showdown with this radical muslim jihadist cleric choudary, coming up, straight ahead. >> yes, i believe in sharia. and sharia will come to -- >> sean: you believe in the virgins in heaven, don't you? >> it will remove the
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. >> sean: if you tuned in last night as i hope you did, you witnessed a heated confrontation teen myself and a controversial muslim cleric. his name is imam anjem did. during our debate he talked about what he believes is motivating those behind the
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uprising in egypt. he described his support for sharia law and the muslim brotherhood. i asked if he thinks the killing of innocent men, will women and children on 9/11 was justified. his response nothing short of shocking. if you missed it take a look. can you not stan back from your sick twist bizzare ideology to see those 3,000 were innocent victims, sir? >> you have a true phobia. when i turn the table and talk about reality you want to talk over me. your viewers will see through your lies and propaganda. you are the biggest criminals in the world today. they are bombing muslims, occupying our land. yes i believe in sharia. and sharia will come to america. >> sean: and you believe in the virgins in heaven, don't you? >> you are worried because you know islam is coming to your backyard. >> sean: joining me to help
9:15 pm
break down last night's debate the president for act for america. brigitte gabriel. i hope you saw it in full. i know you are well aware of who this so-called imam is the one i called the mean, sick, miserable s.o.b., which i believe he is. your reaction? >> he is and i congratulate you on that interview yesterday. i watched it in full. here's the perfect example of someone born in britain, as a british citizen be, muslim family, went to british schools, went to college, became an attorney in britain. how can someone like him becomes so radicalized where he loaths the west. he was exposed to our way of life, democracy and he despises it. this is the problem that we are facing all over the west right now. you tried to nail him on talking about the innocent. these people that died on september left thenth, they
9:16 pm
were innocent. he considers them all criminals because americans, infidels who are not muslims who pay money, tagses to the united states government, who funds the war against muslims, they are not innocent, they deserve to die. this is how people in the muslim world look at that. >> sean: he supports what happened on 9/11, supports osama bin laden. supports sharia, supports jihad. and wants muslim rule, sharia rule all over the globe. i asked him about the muslim brotherhood. 9 one point of agreement, i don't think the rest of the world is recognizing this. the muslim brotherhood islamic radicals want to take over egypt, yemen, injure dan, mideast and israel and the united states. here's part of that exchange. the muslim brother hood's motto today.
9:17 pm
allah is our object . prove get is our leader, qur'an is our law, jihad is our way. dying in the way of allah is our highest hope. allahu akbar. do you agree with that? >> yes. which muslim would not agree with that? we believe as muslims that sovereignty and supremacy belongs to god in the world today there are to camps one which believes sovereignty belongs to man which at the moment is barack obama and the other which believes that sovereignty belongs to good. at the head of that whether we like it or not -- >> sean: what are the more revealing moments? i think people around the world, great britain, france, belgium, even in the united states, are having a hard time coming to grip with what radical islamists believe. the question is how many agree with him? i think the numbers are too great that we must contend with this radical view. >> the numbers are too great. they are following what the
9:18 pm
qur'an said. prophet mohammed divided the world into to camps the house of war and the house of islam. the house where nonmuslims or land that has not been conquered by islam is called that's what he is refering to. this is an the muslim brotherhood tries to preach all over the world. their plan, they wrote a 100 year plan for radical islam to infiltrate and dominate the west. in counterterrorism circles this plan became known as the project. they wrote it in 1982. since, we have seen the radicalization after the implementation of the plan in europe. they are trying do the same now in the united states. they wrote the plan for the united states in 1991 and began implementing it here. what we are seeing is radicalism starting at university campuses buy muslim student association it starred in britain like he was radicalized. it is starting in the united states as well.
9:19 pm
>> sean: the frightening thing is our own white house is reexamining the relationship with the muslim brotherhood. i asked him about the idea that people would strap bombs on themselves or hijack planes or think their children are martyrs if their children strap bombs on themselves. had a hard time getting an answer out of him. he deflects, he fries to thopize time and turn the questions on me. i had read every interview he had done. i want to show you this exchange. i think it reveals a lot. we hear about suicide bombers and a lot about when they kill men, women and children in the name of allah as part of jihad they get 72 virgins when they kill innocent people pan go to -- people and go to heaven, do you believe that? >> that isthon sense. nobody kills innocent men, women and children apart from organization like blackwater and isi.
9:20 pm
>> sean: everyone murdered in the name of jihad and their holy war the infidels, he does believe this. this is what is frightening. if this is not fanaticism on a scale like fascism and nazism, i don't know what is. >> this is pure islamic fanaticism. this did not start with blackwater and the cia. under the banner of islam, there is no good greater than allah and muhammad is his prophet. muslims murdered in turkey, india, all this happened before they turned their eyes to the united states. before we went too iraq or kuwait or anywhere else. this is islamic radicalism awakening worldwide driven by the muslim brotherhood to bring back the islamic caliphate. their true colors are shining. it is time for the world to wake up. especially for us here in the
9:21 pm
united states sean and learn the lesson of what is happening in europe and what is come together united states. >> sean: i would think the white house may want to reconsider their reexamination of their relationship with the muslim brotherhood. this is sick, miserable and evil. and he is and i hope people can wake up to the fact that what is really going on. brigitte, thank you. >> thank you. >> sean: this tuesday night the highly anticipated debut of former defense secretary donald rumsfeld's new memoir. you will see him first here in his first cable interview right now on hannity tuesday night, 9:00 eastern. >> the obama administration is shutting the press out of most major events of the week. white house reporters are not happy about it. neither is michelle malkin. she and brent bozell, coming up. with fresh salads and biscuits. your choice of entrees. and an appetizer or a dessert to share.
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>> sean: for a president who promised to run the most transparent white house in history, obama's public presence this week has been noticeably nonexistence. since the crisis in egypt the white house has not taken questions from the press corp. the pool shut out of a cabinet meeting with not even a statement for the first time in over a decade. for the signing of the new start treaty reporters were not allowed in the room.
9:26 pm
in protest the white house correspondents association sent a strongly worded letter to robert gibbs arguing: >> sean: when gibbs was asked later at the briefing he merely made excuses. >> we've had a couple of occasions that have been still photographers only. those were part of the coverage plans that had been in place for a bit now. we'll continue to keep you up-to-date as best we can on what goes on. knowing honestly some things in foreign policy have to be done away from tv cameras. >> sean: where is the president? why is he adamantly avoiding
9:27 pm
the press? with reaction michelle malkin. i have my own theory. i want to get yours. my theory is that when the president spoke tuesday night and said the opposition has to be a part of any new government that is being formed. that raises questions, does he support the muslim brotherhood? do they have a right, with their desire for sharia and islamic caliphate? i don't think the white house has a substantive answer. >> that's right. of course this strategy of locking out all of the members of the white house press corp is a blatant way of avoiding those tough questions. and avoiding the kind of clarity that the white house pretends that it has on this issue or any other on foreign policy or domestic policy for that matter. you have to shed a half crocodile tear for the white house correspondents
9:28 pm
association discovering what many of us have been saying for the last two years, four years about this administration's faux commitment to transparency. how many times have we joked that transparency died because obama lied about it? now they are realizing they are being shut out and replaced with still photographers who can be manipulated by the white house press people to create this fake image of obama as in charge. >> sean: it is interesting to me, why would the president tuesday night raced out to say, no, i called mubarak. i personally, urged him not run for another term. i felt that was inappropriate, considering the situation where they've been vacillating back and forth all week as to what their position was going to be. did you find that odd? >> yes, of course. i think white house has always felt compelled to put barack obama in the middle of these crises, even when he is
9:29 pm
exacerbating the situation rather than ameliorating it or making it any better. i think it is very interesting that the white house correspondents association now finally has the guts to call out the president and his press ma nip lay fors. for -- press manipulators so long they acted as the water carrier association. >> sean: we watched hillary clinton make the comment, no, no mubarak is in full charge. robert gibbs, we are monitoring the situation as they develop, we'll let you know. giving limited information. one has to wonder, is this president this white house, which is my main question, are they concerned about what could happen? certainly, everyone would like to see democratic forces emerge. what about the other possibility where you can have this islamic caliphate and iranian-style regime in egypt, what happens then? >> ha that is the shadow
9:30 pm
hanging over not just america and egypt and israel, but the world. the shadow of the muslim brotherhood, the hand of iran in all of this. look, i can't blame the white house for feeling like it has to thread the needle here. but, perhaps as you say sean it would have been wiser for barack obama not to have rushed out, knowing just how delicate a balance they've had to make here. >> sean: we can add to that list, joe biden saying that mubarak is not a dictator. which i thought was a little nuts. what should america's position be here? we know mubarak is a dictator. we know there's widespread poverty throughout egypt. we know that the chances of an emerging democracy is toss a coin and the chance for islamic radicals to get in charge, also a possibility.
9:31 pm
what should the u.s. position be? >> year, that we stand with our allies like israel and we share their fundamental concerns about the prospect of an islamic caliphate being the outcome of all of this. at the same time, we have to stand with all of those who are truly fighting for freedom and reform in egypt and truth the middle east and the arab world. i think that we have to make an absolutely crystal clear statement that the muslim brotherhood is in fact a terrorist organization that is a threat to the west. a threat to everyone who cherishes our way of life and our civilization. >> sean: when we compare the president's reaction to the democracy movement emerging in iran and the president reassuring ahmadinejad if he stayed in power he would still negotiate with him. compare it to this incident, what are the differences you see? >> this of course is why barack obama and this administration have no sense
9:32 pm
of clarity about where they stand on freedom movements, bona fide freedom movements. when they had the opportunity to stand with those students in iran and stand with people like neta the young woman who died for freedom, this administration was nowhere to be found. >> sean: michelle malkin, thank you. >> coming up, we expose the mainstream media and how they are putting their liberal spin on egypt. >> new campaign to oppose obama's reelection in 2012 started by members of the president's own party. much more coming up. guy ! guy ! check out my ritz cheese steak sliders. get more of my rockin' ritz game day recipes on facebook.
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9:37 pm
bozell. welcome back. i don't think is going to end well in the end for the united states and egypt. i don't think our relationship will ever be the same again. but, we have the liberal media crediting barack obama for inspiring the protests that may lead to the muslim brotherhood being in charge of egypt. >> barack obama guess to cairo, he gives a speech -- he goes to cairo, he gives a speech and inspires, perhaps he's the one who inspires a lot of these egyptians to get out in the streets. >> this began when the president gave his speech in cairo at the beginning of his administration calling for democracy. >> in a way he fueled this uprising in egypt when he came to cairo and spoke of listen we stand for freedom and democracy and listening to people. the egyptians believed his rhetoric. >> sean: the messiah, the saviour. he inspired what might end up as the muslim brotherhood.
9:38 pm
>> had, terrorist supporting organization taking over. are they going to give him credit when that happens? >> sean, these reporters are going to eat their words in a big way. by the way, dan rather knows how to eat words. [ laughing ] >> sean: that's priceless. that's very well said. >> what happens when the government crumbles? what happens when this country is reduced to utter anarchy? what happens when the killings begin and the deaths begin. are they still going to credit barack obama's oratory for that? what happens if an islamic caliphate takes over? are they going to credit his oratory at that point? no. >> sean: that dove tails nicely into our next set of tape we have. the muslim brotherhood wants an islamic caliphate. they believe in jihad. they've already called for
9:39 pm
war israel and they want worldwide sharia. how does the media portray the muslim brotherhood? >> the muslim brotherhood is telling the army that it can be a reasonable, rational organization. they were nice people. if you fell in the street they would come and help you out. if you didn't have enough money for the bus, they would give you money. >> this is also a group that isn't a bunch of sort of raving lunatic islamic fundamentalists, you know of the ilk of bin laden. the muslim brotherhood is made up with a lot of professional men and women who are -- they studied fundamentallists and beliefs about islam. but the group itself, a long time ago rejected violence. >> sean: the brotherhood, their motto is what i've been saying. they inspired osama bin laden weather. they are calling now prepare for war with is ream. but, if you need money for the bus those nice terrorists will
9:40 pm
give you money and if you fall down they will pick you up. -- >> it is embarrassing. talk about useful idiots. these people are useful idiots. i've been watching this show night after night. the public record is there. bin laden a mass murderer, they propose the peace treaty with israel the only thing that kept the peace in the middle east. one of the muslim brotherhood people telling people to prepare for war against israel. and they are calling this reasonable and rational and these are nice guys when all the evidence is there. let me say it again, useful idiots. >> sean: mr. thrill up his leg and his body every time barack obama speaks, chris matthews. he goes as far, talk about a muslim brotherhood parallel with the tea party movement. >> the muslim brotherhood has a pow-wow role with the tea
9:41 pm
party they keep you innocent to decide whether you have stayed too long whether you have a sell by date looming. there's craziness on the right the fact that some of them are deciding who the senators should be, should make the democrats feel pretty happy because you are trying to groom the democratic party to the center while the republican party is flaming off to the right. >> sean: i don't know what to say about that. you know what the scary part is, if i'mycím right and you kn, there could be a better solution, i think it is probably the odds are against it. there's a very good chance that the radicals get in charge of egypt now. i wonder how these people making these proclamations, will feel if in fact that very real danger becomes a reality? >> well easy, they will blame it on bush. look, i listened to chris matthews and i have two
9:42 pm
reactions. first, let's put aside civility for just a minute and say i'm just so sick and tired of these disgusting, horrible, despicable attacks i'm going to slug you and deck you one of these days. is wrong. listen and -- that is wrong. listen and start laughing. if a meteor came out of heavens and hit new york city he would blame the tea party, would blame michelle bachmann. >> sean: probably would blame george w. bush or sarah palin or me. we gotta run. brent, good to see you. >> thank you sean. >> sean: time to check in with greta. >> greta: i don't to tell you. the whole world knows it is very unsafe for journalists and everybody else in cairo. we go live to cairo, egypt where it is 5 a.m. when we hit the top of the hour. we talk to journalist there
9:43 pm
is. >> senate minority leader mcconnell joins us. >> sean: mitch mcconnell. >> greta: now i'm talking too fast, court reporters used to tell me to slow down tripping over my words. back to you sean. >> sean: greta coming up in 18 minutes. our great, great american panel is coming up next. - this is great. - thank you. mmmmmm. ( shattering, thud ) mmmmmm. ( crash, shattering ) when you add velveeta and rotel tomatoes... and green chilis to chicken and pasta, - it's so good... - good. it'll blow 'em away. ( crashing ) velveeta and rotel.
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>> sean: tonight on our great american panel editor of national review, rich lowry is here. also a columnist, kirsten powers is with us. founder and president of the deirdre imus environmental center for pediatric oncology, wife of radio host the great don imus, deirdre imus is with
9:48 pm
us. we are talking about this radical imam i've been debating. this is how this ended last night. we've had enough of this. >> you cannot base your understanding of islam on -- >> sean: your comments condemn yourself, sir we are out of time. thank you very much for being with us. >> next time we can have a more decent conversation. >> sean: you are one sick, miserable, evil s.o.b.. >> one sick miserable, evil -- >> sean: the only regret i have is not saying it, you know s.o.b.. he supports bin laden,/sharia, what else are you supposed to say to this guy? >> there's no shame. >> sean: there is pride. >> saying we are bringing sharia law to the united states.
9:49 pm
>> you are misunderstanding sharia law. it is so ridiculous like there's some good sharia law somewhere. a lot of muslims will tell you they don't want to live under sharia law. egyptian muslims don't want to live under sharia law. he's on show your saying it is misunderstood. >> sean: by the way, neither of you would be able to wear these red dresses. >> i didn't get the red dress memo. >> sean: you could have wore a red tie lowry. >> we were glad you got out of that without being threatened with beheading. >> sean: no knows it is not over yet. we'll bring him back. the u.s. is reexamining its relationship with the muslim brotherhood. muslim brotherhood wants sharia. muslim brotherhood wants war with israel. >> there should be -- yeah, obama, i don't know, he's gone crazy. >> sean: he's lost it.
9:50 pm
>> he threw mubarak under the bus with grandma. >> sean: great point. >> then he wants all republicans in the back of the bus. >> sean: enemies sit in the back. >> i don't think obama has done a bad job with the egypt situation. he has been in an impossible situation and is walking this fine line. i have a lot of sympathy for where they are -- >> sean: let me stop you. hillary clinton said he's a great -- she was wrong, biden was wrong, obama was wrong. now they want to reexamine their relationship. >> by the time obama came out and started speaking about it, they had been doing the best you can in that situation, except for the muslim brotherhood issue that's only thing i would take issue with them. they are getting a lot of push from experts. i must have interviewed 10 experts. >> sean: they are hiding from the press. when you said the other night in his speech that all varying factions should be a part of a new government, does that mean the muslim brotherhood? he's reexamining his
9:51 pm
friendship with? >> i think kirsten is right. any u.s. government would have done the same thing the obama administration has done. it is very difficult when you have a long standing ally who is a nasty, cynical dictator with an uprising in the streets. it is in our national dna to decide with the protesters. >> sean: inchoe hearn in their message changing every -- incoherent in their message changing every 24 hours. >> hillary was wishfulness on her part to say it was stable and it want. biden shooting from the hip, as issue. i think they stumbled towards getting it right. >> sean: stumbled towards it. >> it is a hellish week. >> sean: would ronald reagan reexamine his relationship with the muslim brotherhood? >> no. i mean again there's all these excuses. >> sean: what would he do? >> where so committed to hosni mubarak he should shoot thousands in the street in
9:52 pm
order to day in power. you want the position of the united states to be that? >> are we still going to give him a billion dollars a year? >> sean: if egypt and jordan fall, the whole world -- >> what would you do to keep hosni mubarak in power? what is the alternative? >> sean: the first thing is you stand up against terrorism, rich. >> of course. >> sean: this administration is not doing it. >> mubarak threatened by democratic protesters on the street. what do you do say please kill them? >> sean: obama praised the protesters. he has misread this from the beginning. >> protesters attacked by mubarak's thugs. >> sean: muslim brotherhood not fomenting this from early on? >> they weren't part of it from early on. >> obama is allergic to the word terrorist. >> sean: more with our panel straight ahead. [ coughs ]
9:53 pm
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel many obama praises the demonstrators in egypt. remember whata"q he and pelosi and reid were saying about the tea party people out protesting? >> the president: the people of egypt, particularly the young people of egypt, i want to be clear. we hear your voices. i have an unyielding belief that you will determine your
9:57 pm
own destiny and cease the promise of a better future for your children and grandchildren. >> sean: you tea party members are a bunch of racist bigoted people that shouldn't be heard. >> i knew this was going going to be a topic and i'm still trying to connect the tea party to egypt. we are not talking about the same situation. >> they didn't like obama any way. >> hold on -- >> sean: praising demonstrations. >> the protesters in egypt and the tea party people? >> sean: if you believe demonstrations are good and health think why did they attack the tea party people as ignorant, racist bigoted and hateful? the people in egypt are great. the american tea partiers are evil. >> did you think anything different? are you surprised?
9:58 pm
i'm not surprised when i see that coming out of his mouth. >> sean: rich this president is insofar over his head. as i've been saying he's been inchoe hearn. you are defending, no president -- incoherent. you are defending. no president can handle this. i don't think ronald reagan would have had a problem handing this as he dealt with the nicaragua -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: reagan got him out in two days. >> obama should be more to get mubarak out? >> sean: no, the point is there was an opportunity there. you didn't have the muslim brotherhood standing by as the most obvious choice that is going to fill that void. >> this is where i come down. i share the concerns about the muslim brotherhood. no doubt about it. we are probably at the end of the day going to end up with a worse egyptian government than we have now with regard to our interests and relations to
9:59 pm
israel. i don't think there's any plausible alternative to keep mubarak there. as they say in the mideast the caravan has moved on. >> isn't he 82, 83-years-old? it is ridiculous. >> sean: the analogy is most appropriate is with the shah and rise of the eye toe la -- and the rise of the ayatollah i see it here. it didn't work out well when we didn't back the shah. look what happened and we are still paying the price today. >> there's a big difference it is not a minor thing -- this isn't something that has been fomented by the muslim brotherhood. they stand to benefit this is not something they are behind. >> sean: this imam last night told me all radicals from al-qaeda, hezbollah, hamas are moving in now to support. >> key thing what happened in
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